The Water Line
Tuesday October 21, 2014
I painted this oil for the Canvas Peace Project raising money for women in Sudan. It is small...4 x 12 inches. I was so pleased that the organization used it for the event posters.
Paint It Forward
Tuesday October 21, 2014
Mariah, 13, and I painted this for the Paint It Forward art auction which served to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House. Mariah began the composition with pandas, small flowers, a rainbow, and clouds. My job was to finish it. I added bamboo and hibiscus and details. 36 x 36, Oil. It was a fun event.
A year of travel.
Tuesday October 21, 2014
I had the pleasure of a year of wandering the world with a pack on my back and smile on my face. This oil is 12 x 12 oil and one of the works I did when on this journey.
Three's Company
Monday October 10, 2011
Two other artists and I had a great show at a temporary gallery we created on Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. Thanks to all the people who came out on First Friday Art Walk...what a crowd.
Monday October 10, 2011
I have been having fun with painting cats and fabric patterns in whimsical settings. This one is Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have You Been? Can you guess who Pussycat is? See Calico with Red Shoes in the animal gallery too.
Art and Grief
Monday October 10, 2011
I am sharing a few paintings that I have done this past year as I am missing my mother. I encourage others to use art to help heal. I plan to do more to help others do just that. Let me know your thoughts if you have ideas.
Catching up
Wednesday September 8, 2010
I will be adding some paintings done in the last months (I got behind!!!) Also I am holding Wednesday creativity classes so if you have wanted a safe place to "try" your hand at being creative, join us!
Overland Park Home
Wednesday September 8, 2010
Oil 11 x 14
Wednesday September 8, 2010
Oil 9 x 10
Whiteis Grandkids on the Beach
Wednesday September 8, 2010
26 x 36 Oil
Spring on Jefferson Avenue
Wednesday November 18, 2009
In September, the Spring on Jefferson Avenue was unveiled for the Andersons. The painting is well loved and has a new home just down the street from the studio. See the painting in the landscape gallery.
Giclee prints are available
Wednesday November 18, 2009
Want something special for a wall or a gift? Love original art but it's hard to budget right now? Consider a giclee print of one of my paintings. There are many available images including this one. Feel free to inquire if your favorite painting is one of them!
Gloria's Norway
Monday July 27, 2009
Forty people attended the unveiling of Gloria's Norway at my studio/gallery on July 19,2009. The landscape of a Norwegian fjord is 30 x 40. Gloria commissioned this landscape oil painting to celebrate how special this location is to her. It now hangs in her dining room.
Open studio days and painting days
Monday July 27, 2009
Be sure to contact me if you are interested in invitations to future open studio days. I am going to schedule them on a regular basis now. Also, I will be hosting a painting/art chat night for those who would like to play with paint! Email me your interest at
January at the gallery
Friday January 9, 2009
This month's exhibit at the gallery focuses on our four legged friends: Cats, dogs, a horse, some with owners, some not. Stop by Elite PhotoArt Gallery at 325 E. Walnut (just west of Jefferson) Tuesday through Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3. My sister from Vermont is also displaying her abstract works this month. Enjoy!
The Lakehouse
Thursday January 8, 2009
The Foreman's in Oklahoma asked me to do this drawing of their house. I was able to get it to them in time to wrap for Christmas!
Our First Home
Thursday January 8, 2009
"Our First Home" was another gift under the tree this year. A portrait of a home brings lots of memories with it.
Tuesday December 23, 2008
A portrait of Birdie, a Cavalier King Charles, was unveiled to the delight of her owner, Jami Peebles, and a dozen friends this month. Birdie is an oil painting 12 x 16 inches. Check it out in the Animals Gallery.
Three Brothers
Friday December 5, 2008
Three individual portraits of brothers were unveiled at Elite PhotoArt and Gallery on December 5 for the family. Matthew was especially excited and could hardly wait to take his portrait home! The portraits are in the Portrait Gallery for your viewing.
VanOsdol unveiling
Thursday November 20, 2008
The VanOsdol family portrait was unveiled recently with many friends and family in attendance. One friend commented, "You've captured their souls!" Thank you. The portrait is an oil, 48" x 48". See a larger image in the portrait gallery.
New Gallery
Saturday October 4, 2008
My landscape and abstract paintings will be represented by Elite PhotoArt and Gallery at 325 East Walnut Street Springfield, MO 65806 417-862-1540. The gallery opened in time for First Friday Art Walk on October 3. Giclee prints of my original paintings will now be available through the gallery too.
Life is a beach!
Friday August 22, 2008
I was privileged to paint for a new client in Virginia this summer. This painting is 48" x 48" oil of the beach at 60th Street in Virginia Beach. I painted it for a wonderful woman who does yoga on this beach every morning. She wanted to bring the peace and colors of the beach, clouds and sky into her home. I painted for several hours on that beach one morning to capture the colors and feeling, ending up with a 12" square preliminary painting, which I then used to create the large painting.
Hurray for sisters!
Monday February 18, 2008
Claire and Anna are two beautiful sisters that I was privileged to paint. A double portrait like this explores not only the individuals, but also, the relationship between the two. The private unveiling in the parents' home on February 2 was followed by a more public showing at the Heart Ball for the American Heart Association as an example of my auction donation to AHA.
Time for Golf
Monday February 18, 2008
It was a pleasure to unveil Andy's portrait for his family at the Discovery Center mid-November, 2007. The portrait celebrates Andy's accomplishments as a golfer. A detail of the face can be seen in the portrait gallery.
Montana boy
Sunday June 24, 2007
May 30, 2007: Bennett loves the Thomas trains.It was a challenge to lure him away from the train set when I photographed him last year so of course one little engine had to come along: He was very happy to see it in his portrait.
Wisconsin unveiling
Saturday June 23, 2007
"Oh my, that's me!" was the delighted reaction from Ellen at the unveiling of her pastel portrait unveiled in Minnesota on June 2. Jim (my client and her man)and Ellen reside in Wisconsin. Both thought the red abstract background suited Ellen perfectly. She had told me "I want to look fun!" Because she is.
Jungle Mural
Wednesday June 20, 2007
A jungle mural now graces the gym walls of Tollgate Elementary in Aurora, CO (Denver area). Lisa Fournier from Denver and I spent 5 days painting the mural with help from Jane Angelhart of Sante Fe. Close ups of some of the animals we painted are in the Mural Gallery
Exploring the Male Form
Thursday May 3, 2007
The Depot Furniture & Fine Art Gallery in Springfield, MO will be showcasing my collection of male nudes in May. Ten small life drawings in various mediums and a 36 x 48 inch oil are included in the exhibit. My goal in executing this body of work was to show the male form in a way that honors the male and shows the beauty of the form. I am excited to get people's reactions to these pieces, especially the oil which depicts 2 figures. The figures evolved into angels as I developed the painting. The show opening on May 4 from 7-9pm coincides with the monthly First Friday Art Walk in Springfield. The show continues for the month of May.
Minnesota Unveiling
Saturday February 24, 2007
Christmas Day was a little different this year for the Boerboom family in Minnesota: I had the honor of unveiling the three portraits of the children who are in college and high school. Check out all three in the portrait gallery.
Cards available
Tuesday October 3, 2006
I am introducing a number of greeting cards/note cards at First Friday Art Walk during my showing at Randy Bacon Photography Studio October 6, 7-10 pm. I will have some garden/florals, a cat series, a horse,and others. Each will have an appropriate thoughtful quote on the back too: this one is "Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." The cards make fun gifts. Custom designs are an option.
Exhibit extended through October
Wednesday September 20, 2006
The GO FIGURE exhibit has been extended through October. Join me at Randy Bacon Photography Studio in Springfield, MO for First Friday Art Walk October 6, 7-10 pm. Come say hello when you come. Other viewing hours: Tues-Fri 10 to 6 and Sat 11-4. See photos from Sept's opening night in the gallery of my website.
Go Figure
Friday September 1, 2006
My latest exhibit "Go Figure" opened Friday night, September 1 at Randy Bacon Photography studio during First Friday Art Walk in Springfield, MO. The exhibit can be viewed in the web gallery named for the exhibit.